In their struggle with creating and publishing information online, many organisations forget that their audiences move from device to device, and from channel to channel.

Organisations that provide an 'unbroken' omni-channel personalized experience, build strong relationships with their customers, citizens or consumers.

In short: you really have to focus on the cross-channel behaviour of your audience if you want to be successful.

At the 8th edition of the HartmanEVENT, you will discover the importance and possibilities of omni-channel personalization from international experts and best practices.

HartmanEVENT 2014 photo impression

The HartmanEVENT is an international event. All keynotes and most presentations are in English.


HartmanEVENT 2015
Thursday October 8th, 2015
From 9 AM until 5 PM

CM Guru Masterclasses
Friday October 9th, 2015
From 9.30 AM until 4.30 PM


Grand Hotel Karel V
Geertebolwerk 1
3511 XA Utrecht
the Netherlands
phone +31 (0)30 233 75 55

website Karel V


Per day:
€ 395,- (excl. VAT) per person per day, including drinks and lunch.


Interested in sponsoring HartmanEVENT? Please contact us at +31 (0)30 877 35 60 or info@erikhartmancommunicatie.nl


The HartmanEVENT is an Erik Hartman Communicatie initiative.

Erik Hartman Communicatie
Telingstraat 2
3512 GV Utrecht
the Netherlands

+31 (0)30 877 35 60

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VAT 1395.28.313.B.03

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